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FAR 117.25 (g) “Compensatory Rest Following Time in DHD Transportation”

On September 18th, the FAA released an interpretation concerning the application of rest following Time in DHD Transportation.

Duncan, Oliver – (2015) Legal Interpretation

This interpretation differs significantly from the FAA’s previous letter of clarification:

FAA Letters of Response 05-Mar-2013

search for viii. Deadheading to find the original clarification.

FAR 117.17 – Inflight rest rest requirements for Flight crewmembers on Augmented Crews.

Nelson – (2015) Legal Interpretation

Provides guidance for requirements of inflight rest.

Recommended reading material.

The links to the follow articles should prove to be insightful, Capt. Pierson has done an excellent job in the presentation of best practices.

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Updated ALPA FTDT FAR 117 Guide – Feb 2015

ALPA has updated the reference material for FAR 117.

ALPA FTDT FAR 117 Guide Feb2015

FDP Extensions and Cumulative Limits

The FAA issued various interpretations that agree with and supports many earlier interpretations.

Wykoff_ALPAI – (2015) Legal Interpretation

Re-estalishment of of Current Interpretations

The FAA has now begun to reiterate previous interpretations of FAR part 117.

These clarifications should continue to aide all impacted by these decisions.

Wykoff_ALPAI – (2015) Legal Interpretation

FAA interpretation of 117.25(f) when a flightcrew member determines that a rest period will not provide 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep opportunity.

When a Pilot determines that he/she will not be able to have 8 hours uninterrupted sleep opportunity and contacts the Airline, the clock is reset to just permit the 8 hours of sleep opportunity. It does not start a new rest period.

This differs from when the Airline contacts the crew member during the rest period, where the clock will need to be reset to permit the 10 hour rest period with the 8 hour sleep opportunity.

McEldowney – (2014) Legal Interpretation

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