FAQ – FAR Part 117

As this page is a work in progress, I would appreciate any and all constructive suggestions to improve the content.

I will continue to make changes based upon FAA guidance as it becomes available.

FAQ – Fitness for Duty and Fatigue Education and Training.

FAQ – Daily Flight Time Limitations.

FAQ – Daily Flight Duty Time Limitations – Un-augmented flightcrew.

FAQ – Daily Flight Duty Time Limitations – Augmented flightcrew.

FAQ – Cumulative Flight Time and Flight Duty Time

FAQ – Rest Requirements

FAQ – Flight Duty Time Extensions

FAQ – Daily Flight Duty Time Limitations – Split Duty.

FAQ – Consecutive nighttime operations.

FAQ – Reserve status.

FAQ – Applicability

FAQ – Definitions


FAQ – Emergency and government sponsored operations

A pdf version of the FAQ is available here:

FAR 117 FAQ v1.13



5 thoughts on “FAQ – FAR Part 117

  1. I am a flight attendant for a nationally known airline. I am concerned how all of this will affect us. It seems to me that these new rulings are going to change the way our own work rules apply to our schedules. Please inform. Thank you.


    1. Donna,
      It will most certainly have an impact. Not sure whether your airlines assign crew as “Teams”, if so, even if the FA’s operate under 121 subpart P and not under the pilot rules, they will most likely end the duty at the same time as the pilots. Gone from the pilot rules is the concept of compensatory rest following reduced rest, while the FA’s still have this concept. so even if the pilot has had a 10 hr rest period before starting a FDP, the FA could have been required to have had a 12 or 14 hr rest period, so as a team, the pilots will need to wait for the FA’s to be legal.


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