Sister sites concerning New Fatigue Regulations

Crew Sched ICONCrew Scheduling – Compliance with Government FTL

far 1117 iconUnderstanding FAR 121 Subparts P, Q, R and S (United States)

far 1117 iconUnderstanding FAR 135 Subpart F (United States)

FAR117 iconUnderstanding FAR 91 Subpart K: FTDR (United States)

GACAR117 ICONUnderstanding GACAR 117 (Saudia Arabia)

rad-117-iconUnderstanding RAD 117 (Dominican Republic)

ANTR OPS1 SUBPART Q ICONUnderstanding ANTR OPS1 Subpart Q (Bahrain)

ThailandUnderstanding CAAT ORO.FTL 2023 (Thailand)

cad371 ICONUnderstanding CAD-371 (Hong Kong)

canada iconUnderstanding CAR FTDT (Gazette 2) (Canada)

casa ICONUnderstanding CAO 48.1 FTL (Australia)

cao-iri-ftl-2016Understanding CAO.IRI FTL 2016 (Iran)

casr-121-fdtr-iconUnderstanding CASR 121 FTDT (Indonesia)

chinaUnderstanding CCAR 121 Supbart P (China)

EASA ICONUnderstanding EASA FTL 2016 (Europe)

eccaa-ftlUnderstanding ECCAA Part 8 RPDFT 2014 (Eastern Caribbean States)

dgca ICONUnderstanding DGCA FDTL (India)


kdgca ICONUnderstanding KCASR 6.Q FTDP (Kuwait)

mcaa ICONUnderstanding MCAA FTL 2015 (Maldives)

MDCA ICONUnderstanding MDCA FTL 2016 (Malaysia)

Mauritius ICONUnderstanding MDCA AOCR 2008 (Mauritius)

OTAC ICONUnderstanding OTAC FDRT (UK Overseas Territories)

QCAA ICONUnderstanding QCAR FTL 2009 / 2018 (Qatar)

SACAA ICONUnderstanding SACAA FTDPS (South Africa)

scaa ops 51 ftl iconUnderstanding SCAA OPS 51 (Seychelles)

ukraine iconUnderstanding SASU ORO.FTL 2019 (Ukraine)

Official Government Sites

FAA logo Official FAA FAR 117

casa gov ICON  Official CASA CAO 48.1

uk caa Official CAA-UK FTL Guidance and resources


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