ALPA/A4A – FAR 117 Workshop

The ALPA/A4A workshop generated a significant amount of discussion regarding the issue of the FDP extension and pilot concurrence.

FAA attorney Bob Frenzel who attended the workshop on behalf of Mark Bury (Assistant Chief Counsel – Regulation Division) clarified that in their interpretive writings, the term “extension” is intended to mean the span of time from the FDP table limit to a pilot’s maximum extension (up to two hours).

Therefore, to exceed the FDP Table B or Table C limit by any amount,:

  1. ALL FDP extensions require PIC concurrence.
  2. The Fitness for Duty acceptance qualifies as PIC FDP extension concurrence ONLY when the FDP extension needed is between 1 and 30 minutes, AND the need to extend the FDP is known by the PIC at the time he/she accepts Fitness for Duty.
  3. Fitness for Duty acceptance does NOT qualify, and a separate PIC concurrence is required for ALL scenarios not covered in point 2 above.

Short-Call Reserve / RAP and Extended FDP

Short-Call Reserve / RAP and Extended FDP.

Short-Call Reserve / RAP and Extended FDP

The FAA sent out a clarification regarding how to calculated the Combined RAP and FDP and the permitted extensions.

Anderson – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Breckeen-ExpressJet Airlines – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Application of FAR 117 towards Check-Airman on a flight.

The FAA has addressed the application of Table A and Table B (Table C) for Check-Airmen sitting in the Jump-Seat (Observers Seat).

Anderson-Teamsters357 -2- (2014) Legal Interpretation

FAA Clarifications 8-Aug-2014

Two Clarifications were issued today:

Johnson-ALPA – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Clarifies the Definition of Flight Time.

Hryniw – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Clarifies the definitions of RAP and FDP with respect to FCM assigned to duty as a Short Call Reserve (SCR).

FDP Extension Concurrence / Refusal and Fatigue under 117.19

The FAA posted a clarification regarding 117.19 FDP extensions.

  • Certificate holder / PIC Concurrence
  • PIC Refusal
  • Fatigue

Anderson-Teamsters357 -1- (2014) Legal Interpretation

FAA Clarifications 08-Jul-2014

The FAA dealt with the following topics:

Definition of Unplanned events.

Mandatory concurrence with FDP Extension.

Company requirement to check schedule during an assigned rest period.

Garciglia – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Phelan-PPA Global Energy – (2014) Legal Interpretation