FAR 117.17 – Inflight rest rest requirements for Flight crewmembers on Augmented Crews.

Nelson – (2015) Legal Interpretation

Provides guidance for requirements of inflight rest.

Updated ALPA FTDT FAR 117 Guide – Feb 2015

ALPA has updated the reference material for FAR 117.

ALPA FTDT FAR 117 Guide Feb2015

FDP Extensions and Cumulative Limits

The FAA issued various interpretations that agree with and supports many earlier interpretations.

Wykoff_ALPAI – (2015) Legal Interpretation

Short-Call Reserve / RAP and Extended FDP

Short-Call Reserve / RAP and Extended FDP.

FAA Clarifications 08-Jul-2014

The FAA dealt with the following topics:

Definition of Unplanned events.

Mandatory concurrence with FDP Extension.

Company requirement to check schedule during an assigned rest period.

Garciglia – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Phelan-PPA Global Energy – (2014) Legal Interpretation



Keeping the FDP clock running

The FAA released another letter of interpretation 16-Jun-2014.

This letter addresses volunteer flying by a FCM, and conversion from DHD.

Tutt – (2014) Legal Interpretation


FAA Training Material.

I have obtained a copy of the training material used by the FAA for Aviation Safety Inspectors.

Part 117 Briefing_Rule_Part 2