FAA – FRMS Updated Documentation

120-103A – Fatigue Risk Management Systems for Aviation Safety

Date Issued
May 06, 2013
Responsible Office



(1) Describes the basic concepts of Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS), as prescribed in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 117, § 117.7, and how they relate to aviation industry employees safely performing their duties.

(2) Provides information on the components of an FRMS as applied to aviation, and on how to implement an FRMS within an aviation operation.

(3) Defines an FRMS as an operator-specific process; therefore, while all FRMSs will have common elements, the specifics will be tailored to a certificate holder’s particular conditions.

(4) Provides (in Appendix 2, Fatigue Risk Management System Development) the certificate holder with the necessary detailed guidance to prepare for the FRMS approval process, develop the required documentation, develop and apply fatigue risk management (FRM) and Safety Assurance (SA) processes, collect and analyze data, develop flightcrew FRMS operations procedures and a step-by-step process required for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) evaluation and validation of the proposed FRMS application.



One thought on “FAA – FRMS Updated Documentation

  1. Joshua,
    Commuting … A very difficult issue for the FAA to enforce … But in short I would agree with you assessment, that practice is a violation of the regulations.

    It is the shared responsibility of the certificate holder to schedule responsibly, and for the flight crewmember to report fit for duty.

    117.5 Fitness for duty

    While the rest requirements establish the acceptable means of compliance for both rest periods and sleep opportunity.

    Specifically, 117.25(e) and (f).

    The FAA has issued Advisory Circulars, AC-117-3 section 10 discusses Commuting Stresses.
    Here is the link https://far117understanding.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/ac-117-3.pdf

    Thanks, for viewing the site.
    If you have any suggestions as to how it may be improved just let me know, I will consider all constructive suggestions and corrections.


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