FAA Clarifications – 09-Aug-2016

The FAA issued 3 clarifications that have an impact on FAR 117.

Johnson – (2016) Legal Interpretation FAR 1.1 “Definition of Flight Time and Diversions”
Amaya – (2016) Legal Interpretation FAR 117.25 (b) “FDP extensions and 117.25(b) Required rest in 168 hours”
Anderson – (2016) Legal Interpretation FAR 117.5 “Fitness for Duty with respect to a rescheduled FDP”

The first clarification cited, FAR 1.1 “Definition of Flight Time and Diversions”, will seem to have the biggest impact when validation of:

  • 117.11-Flight time limitations and
  • 117.23(a)-Cumlative flight time limitations needs to be considered.

The next two, re-affirm previously stated interpretations given by the FAA.


Updated ALPA FTDT FAR 117 Guide – Feb 2015

ALPA has updated the reference material for FAR 117.

ALPA FTDT FAR 117 Guide Feb2015

FAA Clarifications 08-Jul-2014

The FAA dealt with the following topics:

Definition of Unplanned events.

Mandatory concurrence with FDP Extension.

Company requirement to check schedule during an assigned rest period.

Garciglia – (2014) Legal Interpretation

Phelan-PPA Global Energy – (2014) Legal Interpretation


FAA clarifies 30 hour rest in 168 hours during transition from 121 to 117

The FAA has just issued a letter of clarification concerning the 30 hour rest requirement under 117.25(b).



FAR 117 – quiz #1

In order to aid individuals in their understanding of FAR 117 I have created a short quiz.

FAR 117 – quiz #1.

Technical corrections to FAR Part 117 and FAR part 121 subpart Q.

On 19-Nov-2013, the FAA has issued technical corrections for both part 117 and part 121 subpart Q.

Concerning cumulative limitations and applicability.

FAR Part 117 19 Nov 2013

FAR Part 121 subpart Q

FAR 117 FAQ v1.13

FAR 117.23 Cumulative Limitations

The FAA has just issued the following letter of interpretation concerning Cumulative Limitations. 30-Sep-2013.

Hughes-United Airlines – (2013) Legal Interpretation