FAA Clarifications – 09-Aug-2016

The FAA issued 3 clarifications that have an impact on FAR 117.

Johnson – (2016) Legal Interpretation FAR 1.1 “Definition of Flight Time and Diversions”
Amaya – (2016) Legal Interpretation FAR 117.25 (b) “FDP extensions and 117.25(b) Required rest in 168 hours”
Anderson – (2016) Legal Interpretation FAR 117.5 “Fitness for Duty with respect to a rescheduled FDP”

The first clarification cited, FAR 1.1 “Definition of Flight Time and Diversions”, will seem to have the biggest impact when validation of:

  • 117.11-Flight time limitations and
  • 117.23(a)-Cumlative flight time limitations needs to be considered.

The next two, re-affirm previously stated interpretations given by the FAA.


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