Daily Limitation Tools

FAR 117 QRG 1.3

FAR 117 QRG overview

FAR 117 Flowcharts Scheduled

FAR 117 Flowcharts Extended

flow 2

FAR-117-worksheet v1-8

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2 thoughts on “Daily Limitation Tools

  1. Good afternoon Garret,

    I have really enjoyed the FAR 117 flow charts you have created
    and was wondering if we at Spirit can use them in order to provide
    training and reference to our pilots. I really like the format of the
    flow charts and believe they will be very beneficial to our pilots.
    Thank you for creating such a straight forward reference. Please let us
    know if there is anything we can provide to increase understanding of
    the new 117 regulations.

    Best Regards,


  2. Greetings-

    I am the current Reserve Chairman for the SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association (SAPA) and was interested in possibly utilizing some of your excellent flowcharts, tables and FAQ sections in a document we intend to hand out to our pilots. This document isn’t ‘official’ and there will be a disclaimer which would absolve you or any contributing party of any claims.

    The document is meant to be a short/concise reference with a few highlights of FAR 117 while pointing to further resources for research and understanding. I’ve talked to many other 121 pilots in reference to your site and everyone is quite appreciative of the work you’ve done.

    Thanks so much for the hard work and I hope we can use your data as a resource.

    Nick Lasure
    Reserve Chair & Travel Committee


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